UTSA Neurosciences Institute

One UTSA Circle San Antonio TX 78249

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Annual Neurosciences Institute Distinguished Public Lectures

2017    James Surmeier, Northwestern University.  A Strategy for Slowing the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

2016    Howard Eichenbaum, Boston University.  Hippocampus:  Memory in space & time

2015    Fred Gage, UCSF.  Neuronal Plasticity and Genomic Diversity

2014     Richard Palmiter, University of WA.  Neural Circuits of Aversion: Learning to avoid bad situations

2013     Erich Jarvis, Duke Medical Center, HHMI.  Learned Birdsong & the Neurobiology of Human Language

2012     Nancy Wexler, Columbia University.  Expansions on a Dream: From cause to cure of Huntington’s Disease

2012    (Companion Lecture) Alice Wexler.  Stigma, Secrecy & Medical History: What we can learn from Huntington’s Disease

2011     Anne B Young, Harvard/MGH. Huntington’s Disease: From gene to therapy

2010     Kristof Koch, CalTech.  The Neurobiology of Consciousness