Account Benefits

Why join the CBI?

By joining the CBI, you get access to our lab facilities, located at BSE 3.114, where we have two labs. The high priority research lab with Windows workstations for reservation, and our open classroom lab with Linux workstations. All workstations feature multi-core cpus and high memory capacity as well as large flat panel displays.

The lab is available 24/7 via card access. Staff assistance is available from 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Besides our physical workspace, and our high end workstations, our compute facilities are available as well, in particular our high performance cluster. Check our list of available hardware for more information.

Coupled with great hardware is our software selection. Any open source, freely available software can be requested to be installed. Commercial software can be installed if a license can be acquired or if you or your lab already have a license, it can be requested to be installed on our systems. Check out list of available software for more information.

Besides our hardware and software, we provide several services to users and their labs. Check our list of available services for more information.