Basics of Linux

It should be stated that much of the scientific software available does not have a nice graphical interface or even run on Windows. Much of the software runs on the command line and even accessing our servers is typically via a remote terminal or shell. Thus it is important that all users become familiar with Linux and the command line. We have available several Linux workstations and can even assist in installing Linux on your own systems. Also to help new users become more comfortable with Linux, has a great course for beginners. I recommend users read through their Beginners Level Course, with a focus on the following sections:

  • What is Linux?
  • Fundamental Linux Knowledge
  • Great Linux Commands
  • Editing Files

They also have an Intermediate and Advanced levels beyond that and of course Google is a great resource for finding more information. And don't forget the CBI Staff is available for answering your questions. And here is a great printable cheat sheet with common commands, Thanks to FossWire.