Matlab Usage Policy

When using Matlab, it checks out a license from the pool of available licenses as well as a license for any toolboxes in use. As there is a limited number of Matlab licenses, and in some cases even less for some individual toolboxes, there is a usage policy in place to promote fair usage for all users.

When using Matlab, please restrict your usage to only a few instances as needed. The more instances in use, the less there are available for the rest of the community to use. We encourage you use Matlab in this fashion when actively developing code. Once your code is ready to run full computations, there are two options to run your code that does not use a Matlab license.

Matlab code can be compiled into a stand alone executable that does not use a license when in use. It can be submitted to the cluster as a normal serial job.

Also available is the Matlab Distributed Compute Server(MDCS) that can accept Matlab jobs in much the same fashion as a traditional cluster. This is advantageous for running many individual jobs or running large parallel jobs. Running Matlab code this way only uses a single Matlab license when interacting with the MDCS.

Matlab license usage is monitored and those who do not follow the policy will be notified.