Core Facility Services

The Core Facility is operational and has begun to offer support for research investigators at both campuses. Services include help with experimental design, selection of appropriate computational methodologies, and most importantly, assistance with the analysis of data. We are providing support for experimental designs that involve DNA expression microarrays. Appropriate planning at the design stage results in the most efficient use of resources such as picking the minimum number of array chips that need to be use to address a particular set of hypotheses. Several laboratory scientists have consulted with the Core Facility staff in the design of experiments focused on stem cell biology, differential DNA expression across species, 2D gel analysis of protein expression, and neuroscience.

We are providing assistance in developing statistical analytic plans for experiments. Many bioinformatics investigations were formerly implemented in a less than efficient manner, primarily because of the lack of statistical expertise in this area. Bioinformatics experiments were often planned with no consideration of quality control variation, fundamental experimental design, and with no statistical analysis plan. The Program is now providing statistical assistance to researchers in the design of genomic and proteomic experiments. Our input includes helping investigators choose the most appropriate experimental design to satisfy the needs of their project, ensuring that the study aims and endpoints are clearly defined, that sample size calculations are used to guide the utilization of precious laboratory resources, and appropriate analytic plans are included. Laboratories that have begun collaborations with the Core Facility include