Room Usage Policy

The CBI maintains two rooms, the classroom and the workroom, for users who need access to high end workstations for their work. We require all users to sign in at the front door via the touch screen, which is good for a single day.

Food and drink are allowed in small quantities and we ask that all users clean up after themselves. Please report any spills, though should users disregard this, then we will ban all food and drink. Please use the trash cans in each room, and there is a paper recycling bin by the printer.

Cell Phones are not prohibited but we ask that users please take their phone calls outside of the lab. There is to be no propping open the front door as this is both a security and fire safety issue. Only approved CBI users are allowed in the lab after hours.

All the workstations in the workroom are Windows XP and require a user reserve time beforehand. Any user found using a system without a reservation will be asked to reserve the rest of their time. Should a user be using a system that is reserved by another user, they will be asked to move to another system.

All the workstations in the classroom are Linux and do not require a reservation. While users can lock the workstation, we ask that we be notified. Users are allowed to bring their laptops, but note that there is a limited number of power and network connections. Under no circumstance should a user unplug a power or network cable. Air Rowdy is available to all UTSA students, faculty, and staff.