Available Services

Here at the CBI we provide and have made available the following services to our users:

High Performance Computing: We enable users to launch both high performance and high throughput projects on our hardware.

Parallel Programming Customization Service: Our in house programmer is well versed in parallel programming strategies and can help with code and performance analysis to enable the user to get the most out of our systems.

Consultation Service: Our staff have extensive backgrounds in programming and system administration that has given them unique perspectives on many topics. As such they are available to answer many questions and can assist labs in project development, workflow streamlining, and improving efficiencies.

Training Service: Besides hosting software vendor workshops, we provide workshops on a variety of topics from Matlab to software development. Check the Workshops page for upcoming events.

Classroom/Meeting Space: We offer up our lab space to those who need a place to host a meeting, workshop, or even teach their class. Besides our high-end workstations and large displays, we have a lab equipped with a projector, smart board, and sound system. For all of these services and any and all questions, please contact us a cbiadmin@utsa.edu